The Workshop will consist of the following attributes:

Stage Business
  • Stage Aesthetics.
  • Stage Presence.
  • Stage Fill
  • Stage Movements

Actor Prepares: A Detail insight on how the journey of the actor should begin from the Rehearsal       Space to the Green Room until the closure of the Stage.

5 Thinking Hats: Theater : A Psychological Process that is involved in the Preparation of a      

Readers Stage:
   Dissection of A Play : The Artist who reads the play should dissect the play according to the  
    following views
  1. Writer's View.
  2. Director's View.
  3. Audience View.
Timeline             : The Reader should analyze the Timeline of the Play and the current timeline that                                    he is asked to stage his character.
Voice                   : The Voice of the Person v/s the Voice of the Character.
Body Language : The Body Language of the Actor v/s the body language of the Character.
Mind set             : The Mindset of the Actor v/s the Mindset of the Character.
                              This concludes the Basic Level of Workshop in Acting.

Lighting: Live Lighting Training using Lighting Console at Alliance during a Live Event.

Sounds: Live Sounds Training using Sounds Console at Alliance during a Live Event.

Script Writing: Basics of Script Writing.

This Concludes Level 1 Training "Stop Acting"

Post Training : You will receive a month of a buffer where in you are asked to rehearse at least two sessions ,The Script will be provided to you ,The Rehearsal culminates with a Commercial Show at two Places and then will be given access to unlimited shows.
A Certification from CRC and Russian School of Dramatics.
A Life Time Membership with CRC .

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The Workshop will enable the person to know the basics of acting, script writing, lighting. The workshop will enable the people to know the different types of theatre and the various methods that were and are used to hone the acting skills.

Script Writing: In terms of script writing the person will be able to stage a plot and he/she shall be trained from the scratch such as, plot imagination, summarizing the plot through one-liners, character creation, scene creation, creation of monologues.
In terms of Lighting, the Person will be given an exposure to the lighting console live and he /she shall learn it during a live stage show.

Music: The science of background Music, difference between the genres of music, choice of music and its relevance to set the mood of the scene. The person will be given at least two projects wherein he can use created compositions or create his own compositions and arrange the music for a couple of plays.

Features of the Workshop
  1. This Workshop will enable an art enthusiast to learn the basics of Acting, Script Writing, Lighting, Choosing the Appropriate music to suit the mood of any play, Direction.
  2. Lighting and Music will be taught live using the consoles and the student will be given chances to light a live play.
  3. The Person shall be certified from Chaaruvaaka and also will be given a Portfolio [A Portfolio of his own monologue].
  4. The Person shall be awarded a life time membership from Chaaruvaaka and a chance to attend all the auditions of Chaaruvaaka for all their future plays
  5. A full fledged support to his/her debut play as a director.[The Support will include Lightings, Music and Casting selections. The Management will also help the person in terms of Marketing the play]
  6. Apart from this the person shall get 25 percent discount to any course offered by Chaaruvaaka in the Future.
    Fee :Rs 6000/-
    Level: Level 1
    Next Level : Level 2 [Will be discussed at the Workshop]

Tagline: 2 Weekends of Workshop Classes |4 Weekends of Rehearsals |Unlimited Shows |A Portfolio 

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WhatsApp: 9738934264
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