Stop Acting: Experience Theatre

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The Workshop will consist of the following attributes:

Stage Business
  • Stage Aesthetics.
  • Stage Presence.
  • Stage Fill
  • Stage Movements

Actor Prepares: A Detail insight on how the journey of the actor should begin from the Rehearsal       Space to the Green Room until the closure of the Stage.

5 Thinking Hats: Theater : A Psychological Process that is involved in the Preparation of a      

Readers Stage:
   Dissection of A Play : The Artist who reads the play should dissect the play according to the  
    following views
  1. Writer's View.
  2. Director's View.
  3. Audience View.
Timeline             : The Reader should analyze the Timeline of the Play and the current timeline that                                    he is asked to stage his character.
Voice                   : The Voice of the Person v/s the Voice of the Character.
Body Language : The Body Language of the Actor v/s the body language of the Character.
Mind set             : The Mindset of the Actor v/s the Mindset of the Character.
                              This concludes the Basic Level of Workshop in Acting.

Lighting: Live Lighting Training using Lighting Console at Alliance during a Live Event.

Sounds: Live Sounds Training using Sounds Console at Alliance during a Live Event.

Script Writing: Basics of Script Writing.

This Concludes Level 1 Training "Stop Acting"

Post Training : You will receive a month of a buffer where in you are asked to rehearse at least two sessions ,The Script will be provided to you ,The Rehearsal culminates with a Commercial Show at two Places and then will be given access to unlimited shows.
A Certification from CRC and Russian School of Dramatics.
A Life Time Membership with CRC .
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